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 [R63B] - Secure CMS - Plus Emulator - Latest UI [new]

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PostSubject: [R63B] - Secure CMS - Plus Emulator - Latest UI [new]   Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:05 am

Flux hotel
Flux hotel is a brand spanking new hotel previously known as Chrome hotel.
Because of problems in real life the owners of Chrome passed the hotel onto (Benn & Will),
Due to high demand and request we decided to change the name to "Flux".
Benn and Will, strive to make your experience at Flux the best possible!
Sadly we've had to start new because of problems with our old database.
But you may be glad to hear this means there will be a fresh start!

You'll also be glad to hear our servers maintain an online time of 99.9%!


Highly edited secure and stable CMS (boost cms).
Latest clothing!
Latest UI, Custom emulator, R63B no lagg!!
No Exploits!
If you liked the old UI better you'll be pleased to hear you'll have the option to change back via the command ( :changeui ).
New Chat Bubbles
Brand new unique catalogue
Horses (Rideable!).
Strict economy

Upcoming features

Brand new unique register system!
multiple account system!.
Fully functioning homes!
New custom commands!
Rare Values!
Game center!

Index page:

Me page:

Your page/Homes beta:


Join us today!
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[R63B] - Secure CMS - Plus Emulator - Latest UI [new]
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