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 Xeno Hotel

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PostSubject: Xeno Hotel   Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:25 am

24/7 Uptime ★ R63 Stable ★UPGRADED CATALOGUE!★ Hiring Staff ★ Daily Events ★ORGANIED LAYOUT★ Free VIP And More! ★ Custom commands, :rape,:weed,:stab,:shoot and more! ★

Here at Xeno we offer more than your average retro.  We have very nice staff and a lot of custom furni for you guys to enjoy.  You will have 50,000c when you start the game off so that you can buy some of the wonderful custom furni to make super awesome rooms.  Come Join Xeno TODAY!

xenohotel . com /index

(its spaced because of the block on links)
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Xeno Hotel
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